Is it Monday already?

Yep, I guess it is.

We spent the night out on the Missouri with friends–it was good to dust off my kayak after a few weeks of unstable weather not really conducive to being out on an island (unless you’re a more die-hard river rat than I am).  The boat had been sitting out in the backyard for so long that ants had built a nest under my seat.

The evening was really fine–the water warm enough for swimming and bathing, and the sun’s rays bold enough to warm and dry us off afterward.  Our tent has taken a beating out there, but it held together enough to make a reasonable shelter from the morning’s heavy dew.

We had a little pot-luck dinner and Walt made a breakfast scramble  this morning–plus coffee and around.  A couple little fledgling birds waddled out onto the path between campsites, and we found a huge black and white long-horned beetle. Vega and another dog became fast friends and kicked up more than a little sand.

Now it’s back into town to take care of the land-lubber responsibilities.  The gardens got weeding and watering love yesterday morning, and I managed to clean up my weed-patch of a community garden plot as well (which is where Terry found me to pass word about the river gathering). Today is all about essay critiques (for me), roofing (for at least two of the group), dishes, and other mundane tasks.

But the next few nights look clear and fine as well. No need to waste a bit of the short, sweet summer season on the river–we’ll likely be out again tonight.


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