Peachy Day!

H and I have a deal: if he buys me a lug of peaches and a bottle of brandy, I’ll can spiced brandied peaches.

The canning peaches were kind of lousy last year–many were rotten around the pit, and I had to compost half of them. This year, when I started skinning and halving them, the quality was so good I called H and asked if he’d want to bring me another lug.

Drop peach halves in lemon juice-laced water to prevent browning

Drop peach halves in lemon juice-laced water to prevent browning

The two lugs gave me two of these Rubbermaid dish tubs full-to-the-brim of peach halves, with hardly any wasted fruit at all this time around.  There wan’t a single bad peach, and there were only one or two that required more than a tiny bit if trimming.

To can the peaches, I used a very light syrup (most recipes call for 1:1 water:sugar–WAY too sweet for our taste) of sixteen cups water and six cups sugar.  I added a few cinnamon sticks and crystallized ginger pieces to the syrup as well.

The peaches were cooked in the syrup a few at a time for about five minutes, then sieved out and packed into quart jars.  Once each jar was packed, it got a shot of brandy, then topped off with sugar syrup leaving about 3/4 inch of headroom.  The jars went in the boiling water bath canner for 25 minutes.

Last batch out of the canner--done!

Last batch out of the canner--done!

Altogether, the two lugs–that’s 88 peaches total–made 19 quarts of brandied peach halves.  This is the nicest looking batch I’ve done in the four or five years I’ve been canning them.

H will be so pleased! But first, he has to eat the last two pints from last year’s canning season…


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  1. Inspired…2 lugs of peaches and 1 quart of brandy are patiently awaiting on the kitchen table for tomorrow’s flurry of canning. Left over brandy is for the house concert, currently in the planning stages.

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