Bringing in the Winter Storage Onions

yellow onionsOut at the farm, harvesting for the Elk Point Farmers Market this afternoon and for the Clay County Fair entry day tomorrow, I saw that the bulk of the yellow storage onions were flopped over with the tops starting to wither.

So, I yanked them all out and laid them out to dry on the front walkway at the house here in town. This is a variety I started from seed from Territorial–the variety is “Talon,” and it is looking better and bigger and more uniform than a lot of the other onions I’ve seen this year.

There are always a few small ones, of course, but the bulk of these are a nice size for using one at a time for pretty much every meal throughout the winter.  I hardly make a meal without an onion, so I may run out before spring, but I should make it most of the way–hopefully close to the time I can start harvesting green onions again.

I’ll let them dry down for a few days (hoping it doesn’t rain), then pull off their tops, rub off the dirt, and store them in a big mesh sack down in the basement–bringing up a few at a time to store in a smaller mesh sack in the kitchen so they’re ready to use!


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