Gettin’ It Onnnn–(for tomorrow’s Farmers Market)!

Boy do I ever have a lot of great veggies for tomorrow’s market!  I’m going to have to put another table into commission to hold it all!

I won’t be at next week’s market, as I’m going on a little last-ditch summer vacation before the fall semester starts.  So, I’m pulling out all the stops with good deals and lots of great and gorgeous produce for this week.  Help me fund my trip and eat better than anyone else you know!  Buy extra to can or freeze!

Peppers: Sweet bells (great for stuffing and freezing with cooked lamb and rice!) plus Hungarian Hot Wax (spicy!) and Relleno stuffing peppers (just a little heat in the ribs, but nice rich flavor throughout).  Peppers can  be chopped and frozen without blanching–so they’re an easy thing to preserve for winter meals.

Tomatoes: All the great heirlooms–Zapotec Pleated, Purple Calabash, Yellow Perfection, Stupice, Nyagous and Japanese Black Trifele, plus Cuore di Bue, San Marzanos and Principe Borgheses.  I’ll also have a box or two of Sungolds and Red Currants–sweet little trifles!

Cucumbers: My favorite variety of Asian burpless cukes–Summer Dance.  These are awesome sliced into a bowl, doused with rice vinegar, and with a couple ice cubes in there to keep ’em cold.  Perfect summer refresher!

Shell Beans: Finally, they’re ready!  Gorgeous Italian borlotto bean–cream colored with reddish speckles. Have you ever eaten fresh shell beans? I hadn’t either, so I grew them! Simmer them ’til tender, then dress with a little olive oil, garlic, and sea salt.  Add a chopped hard-boiled egg and a few strips of sauteed pepper and onion for a complete meal.

Summer Squash: There’s really no limit to the number of ways you can prepare these tender beauties–picked small so they’re not seedy and tough like those baseball bat-sized behemoths.  I’ll have dark green zukes, yellow, and cousa (light green–and my favorite).  Might have the odd round zuke or two.

Leeks: Yup–I think I’ll dig a few for tomorrow’s market.  These are the heirloom Blue Solaise leeks, and I am selling a few early tender ones in bunches of three.  These keep well in the crisper, or can be chopped and frozen for later use.  Leeks sell for more than a buck apiece at the grocery stores–mine are fresh and tender, and won’t be so dear.

Potatoes: I think I’ll dig those Purple Peruvian fingerlings tomorrow morning.  These are the granddaddy of potatoes–an heirloom variety from the Andes–very richly nutty-tasty and a gorgeous purple color throughout!  Limited supply, so get there early.

Basil: Because how could I sell tomatoes without basil!  Both Sweet and Lemon varieties–a nice bunch in a baggie for far less than what you’ll pay for that plastic box in the grocery store. If you’ve never tried Lemon Basil, you really should.  It’s amazingly refeshing and delicious–great in all the places regular basil goes, plus makes a lovely sauce for chicken or fish chopped into yogurt or mixed with olive oil.

Chard: The bounty keeps coming!  Most of my chard is the heirloom Fordhook Giant, with a little Yellow Stem in there as well.  Because it is grown under row cover, it’s a bit more tender than most chard.  I like it sauteed (stems go in first, then wilt leaves) with a little oil and garlic, and dressed with a splash of malt or apple cider vinegar.

Eggplant: Raveena long green Asian style eggplant and Lavender Touch–a teardrop-shaped white with purple blush.  Gorgeous, great for marinating and grilling.

Onions–I’ll have a few of the nice-sized Talon yellow storage onions for sale as well.  These are really nice, hard juicy onions with great flavor.  My new staple onion variety.

It’s possible there’ll be one or two other items I’ve not thought of as yet–there’s just so much in the gardens right now!

Hope to see you at the market tomorrow!

Vermillion Area Farmers Market
Thursdays, 3-7pm
Clay County Fairgrounds
Corner of Cherry & High Streets
Vermillion, South Dakota


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  1. All grocery lists should look so yummy. Good luck with sales tomorrow, and enjoy that last fast vacation!

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