Seattle Walk-About

Yesterday, I may have come close to walking the whole city of Seattle.  OK, maybe that’s hyperbole, but I did walk for hours and hours–longer than I’d meant to, really, and then took the bus home once a couple of kind Seattleites gave me directions to the correct stop.

DSCF0370Matt and I visited the new Olympic Park Sculpture Garden, and I stuck my toes in the Sound (Puget, that is), and closely inspected some seaweed that had washed onshore.  I pulled as much briny air into my lungs as possible–not getting the chance to all that often.

DSCF0384Then Matt headed off to work, leaving this lady fancy-free to explore the city.  You know where I went next.  Pike Place Market is fun, but there are way too many tourists.  And, yes, I am aware I am one of them–but I am a tourist who doesn’t stop in the middle of the lane of traffic to make some mundane observation to her aimlessly drifting companions.

I was starting to feel a bit murderous after a bit, so I ducked into the Dragon’s Toybox and picked up a couple fun things to bring back for my boy.  Then I started wandering aimlessly, thinking I was heading in a direction I was not.

DSCF0385Found the Experience Music Project, which I took images of simply because everyone else was.  So, there.  Kind of a funky building–but hard to get a good overall idea of from the ground level.

Then I started walking up this hill that I thought was Capitol Hill but most certainly wasn’t.  But it was a very, very steep and long hill, indeed.

DSCF0393When I got to the top, I realized I was nowhere near where I’d planned to be, but guess what?  I’d found a farmers market!

DSCF0390So, I hung about while the vendors were setting up, talking to them about various varieties they were growing and their harvesting methods, etc.  There are a lot of root veggies in these parts, and their greens are still going strong.  But it’s tomato season here as well, and they do a lot of the heirlooms I do.  Super fun!

DSCF0389Last night we headed back downtown for beer and oysters–getting part of my quota for the fruits of the sea.  Today is visiting a couple sustainable local food cafes, finding another farmers market, and maybe even touring a chocolate factory.  Yum!


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