Today at the Market

I’ll be bringing all kinds of great produce!

Peppers: three kinds–sweet bells, relleno stuffers, and Hungarian Hot Wax.

Eggplant: Lavender Touch–beautiful creamy fruits with a pale purple blush.  I pick ’em smaller so they’re tender and mild–not seedy or bitter.

Tomatoes: All kinds of heirlooms, and I’ll be sampling some of them today.  Never could bring yourself to buy a black tomato?  Try one and taste how great they are!  I’ll also have some heirloom paste/sauce tomatoes, nice salad-sized fruits, and boxes of mixed variety cherry tomatoes.

Potatoes: Heirloom Purple Peruvian fingerlings.  These are the grand-daddy of heirloom potatoes–a variety that comes straight from the Peruvian Andes.  They have a great nutty flavor and are purple through and through.

Beans: Yellow heirloom Marvel of Venice snap beans–flattened Romano-type, these have a fantastic true beany flavor.  Also bringing a couple of bags of fresh shell beans–an Italian borlotto type that are creamy white with red speckles.  They have a great, smooth flavor and there’s no soaking–just shell, wash, and simmer for 30-45 minutes, dress simply, and enjoy!

Cucumbers: I should have a few of the Summer Dance Asian-style cukes.  These are never bitter, don’t need peeling, and aren’t so seedy as a lot of the bigger slicers.  They’re great dressed with ice water and rice vinegar and snacked on straight out of the bowl!

Okra: Not much as it has been so cool, but I should have at least one baggie of green and red tender pods for frying or gumbo.

Basil: Genovese sweet and Sweet Dani lemon. I’ll be selling some bigger bags today for you pesto-makers.  Basil season is coming to a close with the cool temps, so get your pesto made and frozen right away!  You can also freeze fresh pureed basil and olive oil in ice cube trays–it makes a handy addition to sauces and soups that way.

Oh, and I’m sure there’ll be more–the harvest season is really underway, so get down to the market today!

Vermillion Area Farmers Market
Thursdays, 3-7pm
Clay County Fairgrounds
Corner of Cherry & High Streets
Vermillion, South Dakota


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