I may have mentioned that August is Food Preservation Month.

Actually, with the chilly summer we’ve had, September is shaping up to be the real crunch time for canning and preserving.  I’ve been so over my head with selling at farmers markets and canning, freezing, eating, and dehydrating various garden foodstuffs (oh, and did I mention I’m teaching full time?), I haven’t had a chance to post.

Plain tomato sauce--third batch 2009

Plain tomato sauce--third batch 2009

Monday and Wednesday were both tomato sauce canning days.  I’m up to two and a half cases now, so I think if I do one more batch, I can call it good and go on to other more creative canning projects.

Last night at the kitchen table with H and also Tuesday at the Elk Point Farmers Market (it was slow), I sat and shelled beans.

shell beansI’m hoping when it’s all over, I’ll have about ten pounds of dried beans off the two trellises I grew–that’s not counting the ones I’ve sold, eaten fresh, and canned.

Hot wax pickleThis morning I am taking a little break from tomato sauce–mostly because I won’t have more tomatoes ripe until Sunday to be able to do that (hopefully) last batch.

I had a bunch of heirloom Hungarian Hot Wax peppers left over from the Vermillion market yesterday (spicy peppers don’t sell well in this area–even heirlooms at 2/25 cents–a steal).  So, I’ve chopped them up and jarred them, each with a crushed clove of Evergreen Farms organic garlic, and they’re pickling in the canner now.

Quick pickles like the one I’m doing this morning are embarrassingly easy to make.  Clean the jars, chop the (washed, of course) veggies, pack them in, and cover with a hot 3-cups water, 3 cups vinegar, 1/3 cup pickling salt brine, cap, then process for about 15 minutes in a simmering water bath.

Then pause to congratulate yourself on dealing with another small portion of the fall produce overload.

"Biscuit," my tropical hibiscus friend

"Biscuit," my tropical hibiscus friend


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