Afternoon Harvest

Afternoon harvest 2009Just returned from the first round of harvesting for tomorrow’s market.  Not everything here will be going–the little cukes will go in the basement crock and the not-quite-ripe tomatoes will be boxed up for processing this weekend (maybe another batch of salsa?).

So far, I’ve got the tomatoes, most of the cherry tomatoes, summer squash, eggplant, slicing cukes, and hot peppers. I’ve already got some ripening paste tomatoes here at home that I’ll weigh out and sell in 4lb. bags.

Tomorrow morning I’ll harvest the sweet peppers, yellow beans, chard, mustard greens, okra, basil, and as many of the tiny Red Currant and Coyote cherry tomatoes as I can stand to pick (I did the easier Sungolds, Black Cherries, and Red Pears today).

I’ve got a good amount of both kinds of eggplant this week–the Lavender Touch and Raveena.  I am also growing some heirloom black eggplant this year, but even though the plants have a lot of fruit on them, they are all blighted and damaged.

Usually, I am all about open pollinated and heirloom varieties, but I have had far better success with hybrid varieties of eggplant in our climate.  However, I am having very good results with an OP bell pepper called Napoleon Sweet.

The seed was recommended to me by a woman at the Seed Savers Exchange table at the MOSES Organic Conference in LaCrosse this spring, and the plants are at least as productive as my usual F1 Ace Bells.  The peppers are very nice, big, and sweet, and the plants are very healthy despite the cool and rainy summer.

I’ll be doing a series of posts in the next month or two discussing all the new and old varieties I’ve tried this year, what my results were, and whether or not I’ll be growing them again.

Until then, I hope to see you at the Vermillion Area Farmers Market on Thursdays from 3-7pm at the Clay County Fairgrounds!


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