Today at the Market

Today I’ll be bringing tomatoes (mostly paste/sauce–the season is ending for tomatoes!), sweet bell peppers, relleno stuffers, and Hungarian Hot Wax peppers.  I’ve got several boxes of the little mixed cherry toms as well–and I DID pick the Coyotes today, so they’ll be in the mix.

For greens, I’ve got spicy mustards (only a couple bags!), chard, and two big bags of basil for pesto (the temps are dropping–make and freeze your winter supply soon!).  I might have one or two bags of lemon basil as well–depends on whether I get to my second patch before market.

The Marvel of Venice yellow beans will be there, and I’ve dug a few bunches of the venerable big Blue Solaise leeks for sale.

What else?  Oh, I’ve got a small basket of the little green Asian eggplants, and a big basket of young n’ tender summer squash of various varieties.  One bag of okra was all I managed out of the patch this week–but it’s a bigger bag than last week’s, and it’ll be on the table.

There’s also a good-sized basket of the Asian burpless “Summer Dance” cucumbers that are so popular this year, and there’s bound to be a few other surprises on the table as well.

For what others are bringing (as far as I’ve been told), go to the Vermillion Area Farmers Market blog.


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