Sick Days

The weather has been gorgeous for the last week, but the last I managed to get done at the farm was the garlic planting a few days ago.  Despite my strategy of hiding out and working in my house, I finally came down with the crud that’s spreading like wildfire this season.

It’s possible that it’s the swine flu–I haven’t gone to the doctor since I tend to think that unless I’m really deathbed sick, it’s not going to do me much good, and will probably expose me to all sorts of other germs in the waiting room.

It started with the respiratory symptoms three days ago, then the cough and body aches and maybe a fever–I didn’t take my temperature to know; I just took action.

In case I didn’t have a fever, I gave myself one by running a super-hot bath with a little tea tree oil and soaked until I was good and steaming, then made a toddy of honey, lemon, and rye whiskey and wrapped myself in a couple layers of pjs and went to bed.  I’d made a little chicken soup for H a couple days before that, so I ate the rest of it.

During the best-feeling part of the second day I made a lentil soup with lots of onions and garlic, so I’d have something to nibble on when I felt the urge to eat.  Yesterday I made a crockpot sauce with home-canned ratatouille and tomato sauce, a couple of lamb sausages from Bob, some hot pepper flakes, and a couple extra cloves of garlic.

I didn’t make pasta or anything for it, I just sucked down that spicy, garlicky, tomato-y broth like a soup.  And went back to bed.  At not-even-seven at night.  And continued my Cormac McCarthy binge-reading until my toddy-of-the-night put me out.

Today is a little better–some of the sinus crud is starting to go away, and the body aches are alleviating.  I’m tempted to use this bright sunny day to get out and work a little more on the farm, but I’m thinking it might be better to wait one more day even if that means it rains and I don’t get out again this week or even this year.

But it does feel like I’m over the worst of it in only a couple of days, and I’m able at least to get some work done around the house without collapsing in a coughing, gagging, achey heap.


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