Merry Christmas Blizzard

While the children were nestled all snug in their beds…

A blizzard blocked off their front door.  Luckily, we are still able to get out the back (so far):

Even though the neighbors graciously snow-blowed (snow-blew?) out the truck yesterday morning, I don’t think we’re going anywhere today:

But then, they may not be going anywhere either:

At least the roosters are keeping warm:

So, how does it look around the rest of Eastern South Dakota?  Here are some images from the cameras along I-29, courtesy of SafeTravel USA:

North Sioux City

Sioux Falls


I think it’s pretty wise to stick close to home today.  We make blaze a trail down the block for Christmas breakfast (heavily wrapped from head to toe), but that’s about as far as I plan to travel.

We’re supposed to get about a foot more today and tonight, and the high winds (25-50mph with higher gusts) pretty much guarantee drifting is going to be the biggest problem.

At this point, except for clearing out the exits, it’s probably not going to do much good to shovel–and the wind chills (twenty below or more) will make jaunts outside (like to take images) very quick.


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