Chicken-Borlotto Bean Stew

We had a chicken dinner a couple of nights ago, which always means a few meals and lots of yummy stock and other goodness.  I started soaking some of my homegrown borlotto beans yesterday, not knowing what I’d end up making with them, and using some of the leftover chicken to make a stew seemed a good idea.

The beans were cooked in stock from the last chicken dinner (which was getting to be some time ago, so it needed to be used up).  They are amazingly delicious–so nutty and smooth.

They also plump up really nicely because they haven’t been sitting around forever like so many of the dry beans you’ll find in stores, though they do lose their pretty markings when immersed in hot water.

Dry and cooked borlotto beans

The recipe was simple–to the cooked-in-stock beans I added some of the chicken meat stripped from the carcass and some red onions sauteed in some of the chicken fat that had congealed on top of the that stock.  Since some of the onions were starting to sprout, I reserved the green tops for a garnish.

The stew is seasoned with red wine (about half a cup), thyme, salt and pepper.  Because the stock and beans have such a nice flavor, nothing much more is needed.  We ate it with a salted baguette that had gone a bit crustier than I usually like them, but it worked well to sop up the juices.

Local ingredients: chicken meat, stock, and fat, borlotto beans, red onions.


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