Have I Mentioned It’s Icy?

We’ve been getting freezing rain off and on since the night before last.  This is a sprig of rue seedheads covered in the stuff.  I sanded my walkways yesterday morning, but by this morning, the sand was preserved in a new layer of ice.

We were lucky to get above freezing today, so some of it was melting off–the trees were popping in the slightest breeze and shedding a rain of glassy shards onto yards and roads.

However, the forecast for the next several days (through Monday) looks like a veritable litany of crappy winter weather–more freezing rain, maybe some sleet, snow, blowing snow, and (my personal favorite) the all-of-the above “wintry mix.”  The snow-on-ice mix is a particularly dangerous combination.

But I think there may be an upside to all this–lots of folks are just plain staying home, and the slightly higher temperatures mean they’re also not burning as much gas (or propane, or fuel oil) to heat the homes they’re staying close to!


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