Jiggity Jig–For a Couple Days

Returned late yesterday afternoon from the Farmers Market Workshop in Rapid City–some good presentations there about Buy Fresh Buy Local SD, ethnic vegetables, grants and resources, and organic production.  We had a lunchtime session with Rep. Sly about HB 1222 as well.

I made a presentation on EBT (food stamps) and debit cards at farmers markets, and there was a great contingent of participants from Pine Ridge and Rosebud interested in providing that at their beginning markets, as well as getting information about markets in general.

Black Hills Farmers Market management and vendors were also there in numbers, along with parties interested in starting markets elsewhere in the Hills.  I’m hoping this will be the year that a few more markets will make the jump to accepting EBT as payment–especially considering the numbers of people that option can serve.

So, I’m home now for a couple of days–retrieved the last of my seed orders from the mailbox yesterday, so dividing them up into their boxes and re-inventorying everything is on the agenda.

On my way out to Rapid, I got a call from a friend who is back in Vermillion for a couple of weeks and wants to talk trade: some of my frozen, canned, and cellared produce for some of his antelope sausage and duck.  Hoping to hear from him today or tomorrow–LOVE me some antelope sausage!

And I need to get ready for my next adventure–Northern Plains Sustainable Ag’s Winter Conference up in Watertown.  I’m also doing a presentation up there (on local foods in rural America), so that has to be finalized before I take off.

Unfortunately, the wireless internet at my house has been getting slower and slower, so I’m heading to the library this afternoon to work.  I hear the Superbowl is today, so hopefully there’ll be plenty of open workspace (either that or it’ll be packed with fugitives from blaring TVs and howling fans).

And I suppose before I leave again I should re-clear my sidewalks for the next round of white stuff–maybe it’s just my imagination, but this latest storm felt a little more spring-like–warmer and wetter–than the last several we’ve gotten.  Wishful thinking?


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