Friday Night Shredders

Walking the dog home from the park this evening, I noticed a picnic table moved in front of the sled jump the kids have made on the bluff.

Looking up the hill, two guys sitting there with their snowboards.  I called up to them and asked if they jumped that table.  “Yeah, we do,” they called down, and they both obliged me with the spectacle.

When you’re a snowboarder in the flatlands, you make your own fun.


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  1. Driving into East River and seeing the seemingly endless miles of snow, listening to flood forecasts for the James, the Minnesota, and probably the Big Sioux, sent me into a reverie about snow harvest and storage.

    I began imagining baled snow moved the highest points in fields where it would melt after spring flood risks subsided.

    Here is someone who has been thinking about this longer than I have:

    Ice storage: how complicated could it be?

  2. Posted by joelie hicks on February 20, 2010 at 11:17 am

    Interesting, I have been wondering about this for a long time, keep it until we need it in July…

  3. Here is more:

    Can the Great Plains change its own water cycle by storing snow in shadier areas on the farm?

    Can we address climate change by reducing flows that raise sea levels and send pollutants into the Gulf of Mexico by harvesting snow?

    Is there a sustainable, affordable mechanical means to turn snow to ice perhaps using steam?

  4. So, there’s this way:

    Urban applications, mostly; diesel fuel intense.

    Think Cory should run for US senate?

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