Sunday Bread-Making Tip

You wanna make homemade whole wheat bread, but 100% whole wheat bread is too heavy, and doesn’t always rise very well–especially in the winter months.

How I do it is this: in a regular two-cups-liquid bread recipe, I add the liquid and yeast to the bowl (today is Fat Tire beer bread), and the first two cups of flour are white (unbleached all-purpose Wheat Montana).  I beat that for about 200 strokes, then add the salt, sweetener (molasses here), and butter.

Then I start adding the whole wheat flour.  I’m using an especially “dirty” (unrefined) local whole wheat that’s really grainy.  I sprinkle it in one big serving spoonful at a time and beat it in before adding more.

Once the dough starts to really pull away from the bowl and is ready to turn out to knead, I quit adding the whole wheat flour and switch back to white.

This gives you a couple of loaves that aren’t chokingly grainy.  I really like whole grain bread, but I’m a little spoiled with the lighter texture the white flour gives.  I’m guessing a lot of people are.  This is a good way to start making the switch over to something a little more nutritious.


2 responses to this post.

  1. King Arthur’s White Whole Wheat is pretty good.

  2. Posted by flyingtomato on March 3, 2010 at 1:28 pm

    Yes, I like that second-best. King Arthur was my go-to flour before I discovered Wheat Montana. But I haven’t found K.A. to be as fresh by the time it gets to the end of our very long supply chain. My mom (who lives in Vermont) has used it almost as long as I can remember.

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