Yes, I’m Writing

I am working on a post that I can’t publish as yet.  Maybe two.  Maybe like five or six, the way things are shaping up around here.  Bear with me.

There’s a lot going on here at FTF–legislative and political doings on the local and state levels that are wearing me down just a bit.  My shoulders are feeling some weight for my farmers market friends and adopted family–and I’m trying to make things better, as always–and trying at the very least not to make them worse.

As a tide-over, let me give a shout-out to Sarah Beth Aubrey’s latest book.  She pulled me into the phone lines for some extensive interviewing on marketing and pricing strategies and farmers markets for this, and it was a great experience to work with her.

I’ve got a sidebar in there about having an online presence for your food/farm enterprise.  Reading it now (ahh, the slow, slow process of paper), I wonder why I didn’t talk up social media more (blogs, yes, but not FB or Twitter or Flickr or any of the other fun ones).

I think had the interview been a month or two later, social media would’ve been the biggest part of it.

Another fun new project announcement: I’ll be writing regularly (at least twice a month) for Farm to Table–a great blog that collects writing about local and sustainable foods from, well, farm to table–all in one place.  Good stuff.

That’s all I can write about on the record for now.  Check back on me in a day or three for some “meatier” fare.


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