A Glimpse of Spring

Maybe it looks a little disingenuous to have my last post say, “Yes, I’m Writing” and then not make another post for a week.  The workload and meeting schedule over the past two weeks has been mind-bending.  What free time I’ve had to play with was spent almost entirely with my son this past weekend–a blessed reprieve.

The onions are up, and the leeks are all coming up, too.  Considering that it’s a two-year process (from seeding and growing the first year, overwintering the nicest leeks, growing them out to blossom the next season, saving seed heads, cleaning, and finally starting the saved seeds), I’m pretty juiced about the strong germination.

I’ll be starting a germination flat of peppers next week, but I’m going to wait on eggplant this year.  I usually start them together, but the eggplant tend to grow much faster, so I’ll probably do eggplant in between the peppers and tomatoes, and put them in four packs initially instead of germinating first and “potting on” later.

Yes, Spring is coming–slowly, but certainly.  Already, in the bare patch of ground the drifts missed near the foundation, I’ve got a few foolhardy tulips poking through (I keep thinking I should shovel snow over them).

There have been a few days where the temperatures eked above the freezing mark, and it looks like we’ll have some forties (Forties!) and rain over the weekend.  Can I get a shout-out for Spring Break!!!?

This weekend, I’ll be heading down to South Sioux City for a seed-starting workshop with some community gardeners.  We’ve got a Spanish language translator on board, which is pretty exciting, too.

Otherwise, I’ve been faithfully attending my Vermillion Citizens Academy, working on paper critiques for my classes, doing a little political legwork,  and working on a farmers market exemption for the city’s itinerant merchant license requirements.  The market board is interviewing candidates for the market manager position as well.

Out on the farm, there’ll be some repair work needed this Spring.  The heavy loads of ice and snow have done some damage to the back section of the old rabbit barn, but the round barn/garden shed is still hanging in there.

Roof Collapse in the Rabbit BarnLast time I was out there, I scared up a (wild) rabbit hanging out in the shed, but there were very few deer tracks anywhere on the property (we have our resident hunters to thank for that).  I don’t know when I’ll be able to get out and do the first planting this year, but it’s a fair bet it won’t be anything close to last year’s St. Patrick’s Day.

With all the projected warm weather and rain this weekend, I may be able to unearth the last of last season’s leeks from the home garden, where I transplanted some of the smaller specimens last summer for easy meal-making at home.  It’s not so easy to make the meal, though, when you can’t actually find the leeks.

I don’t remember digging them last fall, but with all the snow we’ve had this winter, it’s hard to remember where things were and what things looked like before the first flakes fell!


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