Hot n’ Windy

I know that temperatures in the 70s is probably not “hot” in the way most people think of it–but coupled with that dry blast of wind today, it was warm enough.

Most of my afternoon gardening time was spent working more manure into beds in the northcentral gardens in preparation for transplants–all the cabbage seeded in cell-packs was up by this morning, and it won’t be long ’til it’s ready to go in the ground.

Broccoli should also be up in a couple of days, and eggplant and ground cherries were seeded in their little pots in between literature essay critiques today.

I save the garden beds voted “most likely to be weedy” for transplants rather than direct-seeding because I can swipe a hoe down them before the transplants go in, and it’s also easier to hoe around more mature plants spaced evenly than thick rows of tiny seedlings, where one badly-aimed stroke can take out dozens.

The last of the manure piles is getting low, but I’m guessing that I’ll have enough of it to get a good number of beds fortified and planted, with the rest being seeded to green manure to be cut down for added organic matter for plantings in another month or two.

My other project this afternoon and early evening was watering–twice.

I’m heading to Pierre tomorrow to work with Dakota Rural Action and the Health Department on implementation of the Home-Processed Foods Law, so I won’t likely get out to the farm at all tomorrow, and I want my seedlings and not-yet-emerged plants to have enough moisture to make it through the day.

While everything else looks pretty good (the radishes are emerging, and the first seeding of peas is also just breaking through), I may end up having to re-seed the two smaller beds of lettuce I planted a few days ago, ahead of a rain that was deemed “likely,” but never came.

Although I’ve been trying to keep those beds moist, it has been a challenge with the suddenly warm (hot!) temperatures and drying winds.  Because lettuce seed is sown so close to the surface, and because it does not germinate well in warm temperatures, my efforts with the watering wand may not have been enough.

I’ll know on Thursday, when I get back out to the gardens.  If lettuce has emerged, I’m home-free; if there’s none, I’ll re-seed. Not really a big deal in the greater scheme of things–plain ol’ lettuce seed is cheap.

But I’m really glad I’ve waited on planting the organic salad mix–that’ll go in when rain is more than just “likely”–I’ll probably prep the bed and then sit there and wait for it to actually start sprinkling before I sprinkle on the seeds.


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