Getting ready to head out to the farm yesterday, I happened to check my phone and see a message–from my boss.  Turned out she was removing a couple of plants from what was basically a “rhubarb hedge,” and wanted to know if I’d like the cast-aways.

So, I loaded my trusty shovel and headed over to find the project underway.  We dug down deep into that gorgeous compost-rich soil and ended up having to cut off the roots at a little over a foot down–the plants were simply too deeply rooted to attempt full extraction.

And I ended up with about forty rhubarb crowns in the back of my truck, heading out to the farm.  We’d had a little rhubarb out there a couple of years ago, but never managed to get it in the ground during that difficult time.

I wasn’t going to let that happen again–especially since I’d just cleared a nice area in the hilltop garden that would be perfect for a patch (nevermind that I’d thought I was going to plant peppers up there).  When I arrived on the farm, I hopped on the internet to find out what exactly rhubarb likes and doesn’t like.

This is what I looked at.

I marked off  a single row with thirty inch spacing, filled a wheelbarrow with composted horse manure from the main gardens across the farm and trucked it back over to the hilltop, and started digging holes, breaking up clods, and making a suitable home for my new perennial plants.

Altogether I fit thirteen rhubarb plants into that row–leaving me with quite a few to distribute to friends and neighbors.  Currently, they’re sitting in a bucket by the sidewalk, waiting to be taken to their new homes.

The process completely exhausted me, and I couldn’t figure out why until this morning, when I woke with a hum-dinger of a chest cold.  No idea where I picked that up, but except for necessary watering and small projects, I think I’ll be sticking a bit closer to home for a few days while I recuperate.


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