Farmers Market Itinerant Merchant Exemption Passes

Cross-posted from the Vermillion Area Farmers Market site.

Vermillion’s City Council unanimously passed the farmers market exemption to the city’s itinerant merchant ordinance at tonight’s meeting.

Also included in the discussion and vote were the exemption for Vermillion-based businesses doing business in another location within the city (which has long been practice, but not codified), and a new special events permit to allow groups to apply for a blanket itinerant merchant license for all their vendors.

This permit should make it much easier to hold special events in Vermillion–solving a long-standing problem in the city.  Immediately following the itinerant merchant exemptions and special events permit passage, the council addressed the fee structure for the special events permit.

The council agreed upon a fee schedule of $50 for the first day and $25/day thereafter for events with ten or fewer vendors and $100 for the first day and a lesser amount (I didn’t catch this) for each day thereafter for events with more than ten vendors.

Previously, vendors wishing to sell at special events in Vermillion each applied for their own itinerant merchant license at $25/day, $75/week, or $200/month.  This created a real burden for event organizers, who had to make sure each vendor had applied for and received approval for their stand individually.

Tonight’s decisions are a big step forward for Vermillion’s quality of life–both in allowing the farmers market to continue on its present successful path and in opening the door for more events that increase our sense of community and our attractiveness as a place to visit and to live.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Rebecca,
    Thanks again for all of your hard work, and getting the word out. So looking forward to the Farmer’s Market this summer! As my dear Irish friend would say…..”Good on ya!”

  2. Posted by Mary on April 20, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    Hooray! Rebecca, you are a mover and shaker and Vermillion is lucky to have you. Blessings!

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