Farmers Market Starts Tomorrow!

I’ve just finished posting final grades for my spring semester classes (with six hours to spare before the deadline–thank you very much!), and now I can turn my thoughts to the opening of the Vermillion Area Farmers Market regular season tomorrow.

Gosh, it has been cold and wet and dreary lately, hasn’t it?  But it looks like we’ll be over at least the rain by tomorrow afternoon (maybe there’ll be wind instead–yee-haw!) in time for our tents to go up and the great selection of local products to come out.

Yesterday, I made my first delivery to CSA members–baby bok choy, radishes, Goddess salad mix, a little asparagus, green onions, and a bit of fresh tarragon.  While not all of that will be at the market tomorrow–some of it will be.

I’ll have Goddess mix for sure, and maybe just a couple bunches of radishes (sizing up on those has been slow since we slipped into this cold spell).  Green onions I may have a few of, and probably some baby bok choy.  I’ll also have spinach, and maybe some leaf lettuce.

If I’m feeling wild and woolly, I might also harvest a few bags of nettles for those who love them.

I’ll also post on the farmers market blog and e-mail the Facebook group tomorrow about all the other stuff I know that other producers are bringing.  Suffice to say there’ll be lamb.  And soap!


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