Three Nights on the Farm

I’ve been sojourning on the farm the last three nights–and spending the days alternately mowing the out-of control weeds and grass and hoeing the not-so-bad weeds in the gardens.

I would love to find someone with a really heavy-duty mower (um, or a tractor at this point) to just come out and take it all down to the point where it’s manageable, but I’d hate for them to destroy their machinery on whatever lies beneath.  No guarantees there aren’t some good-sized rocks and maybe even some small trees branches down there.

So, I’ve been taking it all down bit by bit with the big string trimmer on wheels and a heavy-duty push mower (H has also been mowing–when he’s not working on mowers)–focusing first on the areas around the gardens and access points and then on the areas that just plain annoy me.

Big mowing projects are kind of like long, solitary road trips–but on your feet, and with more noise (though I suppose that might depend on your vehicle).

Thanks to being right where I needed to be, the CSA delivery harvest went quickly this morning–the radishes and leaf lettuce and spinach and asparagus filled up the coolers fast, and I was able to get into town well before noon to pull and trim some bunches of rhubarb.

The only question was whether or not it would all fit in the bags–it did, barely.

Now I’m trying to decide whether it makes sense for me to head back out for yet another night–and spend the evening working on erecting the bean trellis and (of course) hoeing and mowing some more.

H will be able to help me move the big cattle panels, which I can do myself, but have learned is a much easier endeavor if there’s someone on the other end of the panel.

I’ve wrangled enough panels in the past several years to have a pretty good idea of how exhausted I’ll be if I attempt to drive all the posts and move all the panels and wire them all up and then plant the thing on my own.  Pretty tired.

And probably lacking the energy to finish off the night whacking down another patch of weeds.


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