Goddess Mix and Spinach at PrairieSun

I sold out everything I brought to the farmers market yesterday, but I did an extra harvest this morning to help stock the veggie cooler at PrairieSun downtown (at 108B Main Street in Vermillion, next to Atomic Ink Wells).  That means everything I dropped off was fresh-harvested TODAY!

I try not to bring too large a load of produce at once because I don’t want it to stick around–I want people eating my produce to have the freshest, tastiest experience possible.  That means get down there and get that Goddess Mix and spinach while you can!

For the uninitiated, Goddess Mix is a salad blend of organically-grown red and green lettuces (oakleafs, romaines, lolla rossa, deer tongue, and more), plus a smidgeon of arugula, dill, cilantro, and chive blossoms.  It is the freshest and tastiest salad mix outside what you can get from your own garden!

While I’m not that kind of pusher, one of my market customers commented to me yesterday that it’s like “vegetable crack.”  I’ve had CSA members tell me they wake up in the middle of the night thinking about Goddess Mix, and sometimes sneak downstairs to eat it straight out of the bag (I do recommend washing it first).

The PrairieSun shop will be open ’til 7pm tonight (Friday) and from 10am-4pm tomorrow.

And did you know?  PrairieSun accepts EBT!



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