Today at the Market

I will finally be getting back to the farmers market this afternoon, after a couple-week hiatus.  I haven’t got much produce–maybe a couple of bags of Marvel of Venice beans, a few bunches of baby leeks, and some young and tender summer squash.

The real excitement is that C. Brown Gardens will be returning to the market and bringing a big load of locally-grown tomatoes–cherry, salad, heirloom, and other types.  They’ll have other produce as well, but we all know the first local tomatoes are the main event!

Irish Twins Soap is going to be back from her adventure at the  Brookings arts festival–at least it doesn’t look like hail and 70mph winds are in our forecast for today!  Red Wagon Breads will also be back from vacation and bringing great artisan breads and famous chocolate chip cookies.

Hope to see you there!

Vermillion Area Farmers Market
Thursdays, 3-7pm on the Clay County Fairgrounds
Saturdays, 9-noon downtown in the Public Plaza


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