Chutney-Pickle-Relish Things

I have a pickle forming in my brain.  Not a pickle as in, “I’m in a pickle” (which I could very well be), but as in, what am I gonna do with all these lunker yellow squashes?

Papaya Pear Overload

Add to that the late blight in the gardens, which is fast taking down all the tomato plants, and well, I’ve got to do something to fill those quart jars and save some of those tomatoes and deal with all those squashes–preferably all at the same time.

So, the pickle starts to form in my brain.  Or the chutney.  Or relish.  Or whatever you want to call it.  It started with green tomatoes and yellow squash.  I thought maybe ginger and brown sugar and cider vinegar would be good with those things–that starts sounding like chutney, doesn’t it?

Then I went to Jones’ and I saw they had those little mesh bags of organic lemons at a decent price.  I love lemon slices with the peel intact simmered in a sweet/sour syrup!

And then I thought of some of those onions in my basement.  There are some jalapeños starting to size up again in the gardens–that could add a nice heat element.

What about cinnamon sticks?  Whole allspice?  Can I get away with cumin in all that?  By golly, I think I can!

Of course, the first item on the agenda is to get the half pints of “special sauce” in and out of the canner–just noticed I’m low on small lids, so H offered (OK, I sweet-talked the poor guy) to go back out in the heat to pick some up.

The chutney-pickle-relish will have to wait until tomorrow to take its final shape.  Who knows–I might find something else out in the garden that seems a good addition–bronze fennel seems like it could be interesting….


2 responses to this post.

  1. Loving the recipe. Bought a 1/2 bushel of various types of zucchini from a vendor at the Chamberlain Farmers Market on Saturday.

    Soozi: What are you going to do with all that zucchini? I have zucchini. I can GIVE you zucchini.

    Me: Why, thanks. I’ll take that zucchini from you and combine it with this zucchini. And then when Rebecca tells us the recipe she’s using on her zucchini, we are in business.



  2. Posted by flyingtomato on August 22, 2010 at 7:45 pm

    LOL! Well, it’s more of an idea than a recipe. I am utterly incapable of cooking from recipes without tweaking them in some way. And can you really call it a recipe if I make it once out of my conception of what seems good and never write it down or make it again in the same way?

    At any rate, happy squash-pickling!

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