The Move Completed

So, I managed to make it to Minnesota with a caravan of myself in the pickup, H in his van, and S in the moving van (she wanted to drive it, and I didn’t resist that offer).  The dog rode with me part of the way and with H in his van the other part, when I realized that she wasn’t very comfortable curled up in the seat.

Of course, then she was worried she might get separated from me.

It seemed like an insurmountable task to pack up every piece of my belongings and get them across the state line, but it turned out that it wasn’t.  It certainly helped that I had some great motivating friends on hand to help.

We got to Big Stone County in the late afternoon on the 1st of September, and somehow managed to get the entire truck, van, and pickup emptied out and still made it to the Lakewood for supper.  Looking back, I’m not sure how that was even possible.

And all those stairs!  I found a little lake house to rent–which is really fine–but it also necessitated carrying every last stick of furniture and box of books down the stairs.

Once H and S headed back the next day, I got to work making some sense of things, and at this point, the place is pretty much set up.  M came for the weekend, and he loved the new digs–though he didn’t make much progress getting his own space set up, and I didn’t push him.

We went to the farmers market and to Big Stone Lake State Park instead.  I managed to load myself down with honey and a small watermelon and a bag of apples and a Caspian Pink tomato plus some Hungarian Hot Wax peppers (Yay!  Mine were eaten by rabbits), two loaves of bread, and a plate of cookies.

Not to be dissuaded from continuing my food preservation projects, I dried a dehydrator-load of sweet peppers and summer squash, and yesterday headed out to Lismore Colony and ended up with almost ten pounds of beets, which are now pickled in quarts.

But it is time to get to work, and I’ve been managing communication and paperwork issues this morning and setting up meetings for later in the week as well.  I plan on a trip back to Vermillion this weekend to clean up the house some more and do a little harvesting.

I’ll be switching over to the new blog for most of my posts from this point on–you can find me at  I’ll be updating with a post on the beets (with pictures!) there soon.  ‘Til then, enjoy the view off my deck!


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