Have You Heard? My House is For Sale.

Perhaps this is not the perfect place to be broadcasting this fact, but I have to hope that with the dual readership of this blog and Big Stone Bounty, a post in both places might be a good way to move the process along.

Good ol’ 117 Forest

The house is listed with Dakota Realty, but the listing on their website (scroll down almost to the bottom) doesn’t come near to doing justice to my lovely little cottage.

So, this is justice.

It is a 2BR, 1 1/2 bath home on the best street in the best (historic) neighborhood in Vermillion.  It’s quiet; it’s so close to campus I never bothered buying a parking pass, and it’s also within very short walking distance of downtown.  Great neighborhood for kids if you have one–walking or biking distance as well to Jolley Elementary.

What’s special about this house?  It’s not just one of those crummy little rental places.  It’s a solidly built (in 1951) home with hardwood floors, a working (wood) fireplace, and a huge living room and master bedroom.  The living room’s so big, H and I used just a part of it for our office.

The smaller second bedroom is completely knotty pine paneled–even down to the ceiling inside the closet.  The lot runs all the way down the hill to Dakota Street, which means it’s fun for exploring, and it has a bit of terracing built into it as well.

The basement is partially finished and has a second toilet room/laundry.  It’s also one of the driest basements I know of in Vermillion–it could be finished or left as is for projects/workshop.

What else?  I just put in a brand new uber-efficient furnace and some new ductwork last November, which cut the heat bills almost in half.  It’s a solid little house, so it doesn’t cost much for utilities anyhow–and it has about 2 feet of insulation in the attic.

I also put in a super-efficient 68-gallon water heater, so running out of hot water is never a problem.  Washer/dryer and a chest freezer are included.

It’s got central air, though I’ve never had that much need of it except in very hot, humid summers–like I said, the house is solid, and it stays warm or cool very efficiently.  Programmable thermostat, of course.

The rest of the appliances are fairly new–the kitchen stove I replaced just a couple of weeks before I moved.  The tub surround and fixtures were replaced just about a week before I left.  Did I mention the bathroom has a tile floor with an inset mosaic of an orca?

To me, this house always seemed like a place to “trick out” with solid improvements and good quality appliances–I put new fiber floor in the kitchen within the past couple of years as well.

The nice thing about a small house is that you can make high-quality updates without a huge investment in materials.  It’s inexpensive to own and inexpensive to maintain.

North side garden

Did I mention gardens?  If you’re into that, the place has some nice ones–a couple of heirloom apple trees in the front yard, beautiful spring blooms, and a nice raised wrap-around herb/vegetable garden on the south/west sides as well.  It’s a snap to mow–takes about 10-15 minutes and you’re done.

Herb garden

I would not be selling this house except for the fact that if I’m going to own a property, it would make a lot more sense for me to own a farm–and preferably one that is a bit closer to where I’ve relocated for work.

So, I’m offering it for sale. Because it’s kinda hard for me to buy a farm when I’m paying a mortgage and rent at the same time.

It would make a great home for a young couple or small family, a single parent, professional, and/or faculty person.  Or maybe an older person retiring from the farm and wanting to live in a nice neighborhood in a property without too much to deal with in terms of upkeep.

So, check it out, and contact a realtor if you want to take a look inside.

And feel free to pass this along to anyone considering relocating to the banana belt. 😉


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mary on September 27, 2010 at 7:07 am

    Rebecca, your realty company sux royally, if you’ll excuse my language. I went on their site to look at the photos of the interior and there’s nothing. If you can, please post photos of the kitchen, bathrooms, bedroom, living room, basement, etc. I’ll send the info to a couple of friends who are looking.

  2. Posted by flyingtomato on September 28, 2010 at 7:25 am


    I will try to get some images next time I’m down there. I just used images I had on file for the post.

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